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    The Yakima River in central Washington, is the finest trout river in the state. From Cle Elum to the Roza Dam in the Ellensburg Canyon, are fifty miles of wonderful trout water. Thanks to a catch and release program started in the early 1990's, fly fisherman now have a great place to go on the sunny side of the state. The weather for ten months out of the year is very hospitable, and since the Yakima is a tail-water fishery,the water flow rates are generally good.
     A drift down the canyon stretch on a summer evening is something that you will never forget. You may see hawks, coyotes, deer, and bighorn mountain sheep, besides the big Yakima rainbow trout sipping caddis flies at dusk.

    A day on the Yakima is a wonderful chance for anglers to see what the countryside looks like when you pare it down to the bone. Join us on the river.

"I spent most of my life fishing, the rest I just wasted" - J. Allen