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On The Water

Back from the Bow River. Amazing fish.

Previous Updates

Lovely morning on the bass lake, only fried chicken and martinis could have made it better. Good to be alive.

Old Hillary in a bus named Scooby....the definition of a buffoon.

BWO's in full regalia, only about an hour but sweet.

Ditto.... Another sweet,sweet day. I love this low water year.

Another beauty day on the Yakima.....

The Final Four. Who gives a shit.

Most excellenrty trout fishing day with most excellenrty Deek and Jelly.

The Skwalo's have returned to Yakastronno.

Yo, broke out the shorts dude.

I'm thinking it may be time to move to Baja.

Spock is dead. long live his memory.

So far so good on the way to spring fishing.

Back from the Bayou, The Biloxi marsh is an awesome fishery. Great weather, and food Louisiana style. Some giant Redfish.

This time next month I'll be Redfising in Louisiana. Just back from the Snake River in Idaho, so much fun. The Yakima looks like a trout stream finally, or shall I say Blue Ribbon wonder?

River is coming into focus again. Now til November is the best time on the Yakima.

It's 103 at my house in the shade, come on over it will be good practice when your fishing in hell.

Rain in the desert.stop River is 3400.stop Fished from 1:00 to 2;30 PMD's in the slack water.stop Sweet as it could be.stop just me and my trout. stop.

Sorry I've been absent with the Yakima fishing report, there is no good fishing, the water is to high, sun too bright. All good to grow apples but it sucks for fishing. Even the pimps are having a hard time selling the Blue Ribbon Yakima this season. That is it in nutshell. I'm headed to Idaho.

Shitty conditions , repeat Shitty Conditions. Another Blue Ribbon season on the Yakima Irrigation Ditch. Global Warming. Must be it.

So to sum up the 2014 Skwalla season. High dirty water, windy nasty conditions but at least there was a lot of boat traffic. Must be about time for the Baja.

Things are looking up.

The Chicken was epic, fishing not so much.

I'm getting the cover off the boat this afternoon. Probably a bit early but me and my Amigo's need some air. We will have greasy fried chicken on board, so all will not be in vain. Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

The water is coming down, praise the Lord.

Yakima is high (4100cfs) and a dirty sage color wind from the west at 25mph...how great is that!!!

How highs the water Daddy ?....6000cfs and rising.

How highs the water Daddy? 5000 cfs and rising.

The old Pineapple Express has blown out the Yakima. It may be a good thing for spring fishing, get the flood over early and let the good times roll.

OK, I'm getting the Super Bowl chow together; shrimp cocktail, Smoked turkey legs, Chinese pork/hot mustard and some cold amber home-brew.This will be the first SB for my grandson, got to break him in with gusto.

So two lanes of the George Washington bridge were closed down:" What difference does it make now.!"

This is the Chinese Year of the Horse. I'm pretty sure that's all I know about that.

Merry Christmas y'all from the bottom of my redneck heart.

If you like your military pensions...you can keep your military pensions. period

Life is good but chilly right now.

If you like your enriched Uranium you can keep your enriched Uranium, period.

Perfect afternoon,sun and beautiful water.

Can It get any more beautiful on the Yakima!!!! WoW

Beautiful conditions on the Yakima, sunny and calm. This what we call an indigenous peoples summer.

Now the untimely death of Tom Clancy...R.I.P. He really was the best of them all.

The NFL is back and it is wonderful.

The River's droppin and the hopppers are hoppin.

WIENER-HOLDER in 2016 ....Sorry I just can't resist.

Lot of water in the old irrigation ditch. Its really been hot, but it's a dry heat and it is July.

237 years and were still here. Have a wonderful Independence Day and don't forget this holiday was paid for with the blood of patriots.

It's 92 in the shade of my sycamore tree, I just re-iced the cooler of Corona's. Headed for Idaho Friday for a while. Wonder what the poor folk are up to.

Tough week we lost Slim, Tony, Mitch and Paula said the N word. Holy -Moly.

Slim Whitman died today, he was 90. Just in case you hadn't herd. Una Paloma Blanka To you Slim.

We had all the weather a guy could want today, thunder, lightning, rain, wind, sunshine a bit of schizophrenic day. The River is in pretty good shape we had some nice fish on both dries and nymphs.

I had hopes of getting some PMD action, Too much rain on the potato fields in e-burg. A dirty mess again.


The Yakima is going , going , gone..........

Come on over the weather is great!! Bring your cheap beer and the Do-it-yourself-tattoo kit. Lounge in the dirt at Big Pines. Paradise on earth.

Wow, the conditions really suck on the old Yakima. Yesterday the wind was around 30 to 50 mph, the water color in the canyon is a Wilson Creek OD brown. When you attempt fly fish in these conditions, you may be needing to see a mental health therapist instead. After all isn't this supposed to be fun??? Am I missing something??

I see the water is coming down and warming a bit, the big fish are spawning, lets give them some privacy. May used to have a great PMD event, it could happen again.

River still sucks. Maybe we can nuke the North Koreans next week. Exciting and instructive.

The Yakima is a stinky armpit again, nasty brown.

Happy Easter

Perfect weekend ahead cold but cloudy with a hint of breeze. How does that sound?

Had another beauty day on the river. No one around, slight mist , windless. Like we were never there, perfect.

Took the boat out again today, spectacular conditions but a lot of boats trading paint NASCAR style. Pretty silly but even the lefties need a day out and some sunshine. Fishing was OK size rather than numbers. Good to be alive.

We are in a spring heat wave (finally some global warming action) perfect water conditions and windless. The Skwalla event is proceeding but not on fire yet. It's just nice to have the sun on your back again.

Due to sequestration the trout season is delayed for six months and the fish furloughed until further notice.


OK , the weather is looking much better and the big game is Sunday....sweet. I'll be smoking up a bunch of turkey legs as my contribution to Super Food/Bowl...tangy sweet and spicy. Yes there will be fishing soon!!!

The Skwalla pimping has begun!!! This may be the earliest pimping yet. hoo hoo

These are the darkest days of winter, the river is iced up and it's 17 degrees at my house. I'm going to tie up a few Skwalla's , if I can remember how.

Well les Miz was no Rambo, had to leave the movie a bit early to keep what little sanity I have left. Even the wife was tired of the brutal tiresome caterwauling. But , hey might just be your cup of tea.

This is it, last day of the year...hoo,hoo. I'll be spending three hours in the theater this afternoon watching Les Miserables with with the little woman, it could be good. The singing and dancing of miserable French people,,whats new the French are always miserable. I'm optimistic for 2013 now that Congress is getting that pay raise and Kim and Kanye are having a baby and I'm sure that Hillery will pull through. I'm getting mellow in my old age.Happy New Year my friends.

The latest snow pack info for the Yakima river basin is at 150% of normal, another high water year ahead but....plenty of water for Pot growing in the Valley.

Merry Christmas

Once again we are reminded of how tenuous and fragile life is.

Were coming right up on December 21, Mayan doomsday.Maybe time to open a present or two early, at least the bourbon.

OK, I'm all good with the election results, in fact I am checking out the possibilities in starting a pot wagon, like a taco wagon but higher.

This morning I found out that King County has given me: Obama, legal pot,Insley and gay marriage. Is there something in the water on that side of the mountains? I mean you've got to be kidding...

The dry fly BWO fishing last month was a non-event. No real hatch....WTF????

We could use some weather to jump start the BWO fishing , but it is really pleasant on the water with the sun on your back.

Great win by the Huskies. Seahawks not so much. Good job shooting out the Wedge wolf-pack, all in all a big week in Washington. The Yakima is really sweet right now, conditions have been gorgeous.

Back from Idaho. Smoky but fishing very good. Great week of camp life.

Just spent a couple days fishing the Methow for Cutts , Excellent. River is low but we had little trouble with the raft. Kind of a long trip but really fun.

Labor day. The Yakima is really looking good, and the heat of summer is over, all good.

WOW is it hot 96 in the shade of my sycamore tree at 5:00. The Yakima is fishing great from 8:30 To 10:00 pm in the dark, lots of fun and big rainbows. Rest of the day fu-git -about-it too hot ,too bright but there is always cheap beer and dusty love.Just sayin'

It is 95 at seven PM. This is way past sticky balls. I came through the canyon yesterday from a trip to Idaho and the summer zoo on the Yakima is in full bloom. You name it, it is probably tattooed to some fat white woman's behind. Cheap beer, hot weather and dirty love all making for another Blue Ribbon summer on the Yakima. I say embrace the season, be the season.

7100 and rising. Naches is expected to flood stage today, I guess I understand now why there putting in the strip mall and carnival rides in the Canyon.

I should rant more often, the Yakima is coming down!!! SLOWLY but it's coming down and clearing. Thanks for inquiring about photo's from my Baja trip but we (the little woman) dropped the Cannon in the Sea Of Cortez the second day, no Buano. It was a great trip ,I caught Marlin on bait and two Roosters on the fly rod among other species.

Well the Yakima sucks, what a surprise. So not to rant but WTF has happened to global warming???? Every year there is months of runoff and cool temps ,its June. Despite what the pimps say the Naches sucks too. We are going strait from Skwalla's to Tattooed whales with nothing but high water in between. I should have stayed in Mexico. Well I feel better now, thanks.

It looks like we may get a window for some late spring fishing on the Yakima. Water is down to 3700 and clearing nicely, at 3000or less were in.

Back from Fishing the Sea of Cortez. I see the Yakima is still a mess and running full.

Got a chance to see Steve Rajeff casting at the Ellensberg fly fishing thing on Saturday. Like watching Picasso slashing out a masterpiece, so close to perfection.

Yakima is still a mess but this may be a good thing, get the lower snow and mud through the system all at once. May is my favorite month for fishing mayflies if conditions are right.

Hoo,Hoo the Yakima hit 10,000cfs this morning, a lot of people don't realize how great the fishing is at this level AND were going to have 30mph winds, that is a party.


Going,Going,Gone. Tomorrow is going to be 85.

The River is a mess.

Update from the NO PIMP ZONE. Fishing has been fabulous, the river is still in great shape, all in all the best Skwalla season I can remember. Although it is slowing up, it has been a great start to spring fishing.

Happy Easter

This could be the last weekend before the BIG Blow OUT, fishing could be outstanding if the weather holds together. I'm glad that POTUS and the DOJ were able to figure out that whole SCOTUS thing, you know the three legs of the US government and the Constitution. It's a tricky concept.

Good weekend to stay home and open that Do IT Yourself Tattoo Kit you got for Christmas.

Happy St. Patrick's day. Well the wind has been awful and today is no different. Fishing is supposed to be fun, not something to be endured with a clinched jaw, hell that's what the dentist is for. And what is with the gas price? That darn George Bush and Halliburton are at it again, how do they manage that.

Ok, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, EXCELLENT FLY FISHING. Saturday was windy but still manageable. Saw more adult skwalla's than I ever have, and that is from the No Pimp Zone.

Beauty Sunday afternoon, the River was perfect. We threw Skwala dries most of the time. The numbers were not exceptional but the size made up for it. Another 18 inches of snow predicted in the mountains tonight,I'm afraid we are in for another huge water year. Where is that global warming drought when you need it?

The Yakima came up faster than gas prices yesterday around 9000 cfs.

Ahh, springtime on the Yakima, high and filthy, we have warm and windy weather again today so expect the River to be a mess for a week.

Cabela's is coming to Yakima....hoo, hoo no more getting hosed at fly shops.

Driving through the Canyon yesterday the windshield was plastered with Skwalla's .......first lair doesn't have a chance.

The weather is fantastic and the river is crystal, all is good.

Merry Christmas guys and remember it is a birthday party.

70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor tomorrow, its OK to piss on a Japanese car....Oh wait there made in Indiana now.

Beauty afternoon on the Yakima. Good to be alive.

Initiative 1183 passed, CostCo good on ya.

The old Naches is closed for another season, with the high water this year it took awhile to fish, but ended on a high note.

The Naches was O So Sweet to us this afternoon.

Rain in the forecast. hoo ,hoo

Weather is changing... BWO?

It is Yakima hot,baby. Drove up the river yesterday to check the condition of the bikini/beer/tattoo crowd.They were having quite an excellent time.

The Naches is fishing.

Today is my 60th birthday.....bourbon to follow.

Back from a week at the Oregon Coast, bright, sunny and warm. Frolicking in the surf(Maxim shrinkage)Kids , Grand-kids , Low country boil fun. Hot back in Yakima , I see the River is finally going up to summer flows, about time.

Drifted the Yakima Friday evening and witnessed five guide boats and three civilian boats all pounding the same stretch, weaving in and out snout to tail. Hilarious, and to think folks pay good money for that abuse.

The Naches is coming back in focus and the Yakima is still around 3000cfs, totally weird year. I have much better prices in the virtual fly shop, and a bargain Yakima River selection; $60 including the box.

Back from the St.Joe. The Joe was high but clear and fishing was great!!! Nymphs in the slower seams produced some good fat Cutts. Shared a camp with my pal Dutch Holland USN Retired, what a character with no shortage of stories.

Yakima is still dropping a bit but windy conditions till Friday. Check out the Virtual fly shop on my homepage. All patterns are tied on Daiichi Hooks and the Saltwater stuff is Gamakatsu and Gamakatsu circle. Nothing but the best and advice is free.

Yakima looks Good!!!! 4100cfs this AM, summer green color, better get on it soon before it heats up and starts the BIG MELT.

Headed for Seattle Friday on the way to Pt. Townsend to see the Granddaughter and her parents, why would anyone live in a big city???

The river is down to 5300 about 1300 over summer flows, too high too fast. Fathers day is coming up so be nice....come on.

WOW the pimps say the Yakima was great at 6000cfs so it must be fantastic at 7200cfs. Kind of sad really.

Congressman Wiener could be a fishing guide the way he lies, or President. Naughty, tiny Tony.

River is at 5080 this morning and that is a lot of moving water but it going to warm up this weekend so at least we can begin the snow melt.

Down to the Deschutes near Maupin, lots of huge salmon and goldens flying. The River is way up and dirty sound familiar?? We worked hard for the fish we caught on Nymphs and saw plenty of sssnakes.

9300cfs Call me in October, this spring is done.

5000cfs and the canyon is filthy, must I say more.

The River is moving up and the Canyon is DIRTY, we saw no surface feeders and the nyphing just sucked, on the positive side the wind was calm for a change.


The River flows are probably as good as were going to get this spring, but check the wind forecast before spending that $4.00 gas on a trip to the Yakima. It has been very windy and cool....how about that global warming.

Windy today(40mph gusts) and the river is at 5200cfs ; another day in Paradise.


Another classic spring on the Yakima, filthy water and wind from hell.

The Yakima is still in rather poor condition, tomorrow a bit breezy at 35mph gusts and Thursday the air temp may hit 70 which will begin the big snow melt flood just in time for weekend angling fun. I for one am lucky to have some yard duties to work on.

More rain and muddy river, hey that sounds like a country song. Conditions will get better,we hope.

The canyon was a mess this weekend, plenty of mud. Fishing slow.

River looks good, so far no glow.

Great day in the boat, water is perfect. Still a little cold but we are on the way to skwalla season.

Went to dinner at Birchfield Manor last night, fantastic food/wine. Blew $400 bones but worth every dime. And a happy new year to all. Life is short go fishing.

Merry Christmas!!!

Midges in the slow water ....beautiful.

I hope ya'll had a fantastic Thanksgiving,dropping that frozen turkey in the boilin all is always a thrill, we get my cousin Dewayne to that part while we hide under the trailer. Just another Redneck festival of fun and good times. Another cousin, Sherolean came by and showed us her new Tattoo it was like a two headed snake or somthin crawlin up her back, kind of creeped me out. Her husband Buddy got drunk and pissed hiself in my new Barco after dinner. Good Times

Finally a bit of cool weather, BWO's from 2:00 to 3:30 not long but sweet.

Fab fishing on Saturday....BWO's in the flats. Today my beloved Oakland Raiders Beat the Seadogs like a rented mule. Tuesday take the time to vote, this country is going down the shitter. We are to good for that, were a bit like my Raiders, Down but never out. I say fry the lawyers for an excellent start. Just sayin.

Finally some cool damp weather BWO's 1:00 to 3:00.Let the good times roll. Election next Tuesday, try to find the biggest crooks and vote them out....you know who they are. Make sure you vote for CHEAP BOOZE at least we'll get something away from the Clowns in Olympia. Just sayin.

We had BWO, Mahogany's, and PED's for about an hour on Sunday .....Heaven. The hatch was heavy but short lived. Bobber fishing was still producing, all in all a fine afternoon with the sun on your back. The great fall fishing is still ahead.

We just can't get a break, more warm beautiful sunny weather. Not what we need for BWO fishing. It is hard to complain, the bobber fishing is pretty good but I want to fish those tiny dries to picky rainbows.

Tale of two rivers, fished the Yakima Friday and Sunday. Friday was fab several lunkers over eighteen. Sunday just a boat ride. Weather here is great for the Fair but tough on the fishing.

Yom Kippur begins at sundown today.....in case you didn't know. Had a wonderful time fishing the Joe last week, it was wet and the drinks were dry. Martini in the rain: shaken not stirred, please. I will have the boat out a couple days next week, clients that think it's BWO time. Trust me it is way to early. Finished the rental rehab with the help of contractor genius Linn Kraft, glad to finally be done. Just let the good times roll as they say in New Orleans.

Got a couple days in on the Naches last week, the smoked out rental remodel is almost finished. What a year. Headed for Idaho On Monday for a week of R&R, cutthroat, greasy chow and bourbon.

Naches yesterday with Mr. Chris, fun day. Beautiful August afternoon and the fishing was fine. Dries and Nymphs.

Back from Camano Island, crabbing and such. Feeling great and found out tonight that I will be a grampa again in February. Drove up the river today to see the Blue Ribbon Yakima in full summer bloom, hundreds of tattooed dirt campers reveling in dust and cheap beer. River was full of every crappy flotation devise known to mouth breathers. You have to love the human spectacle, the good the bad and the really homely. I wonder sometimes what my trout are thinking.

Been a bit busy with the surgery/Chemo and remodeling a smoked out rental house, but did make a couple trips to the Naches to get my mind right. Just a beauty little stream.

The Naches will be fishing soon, I will not be able to guide for a while so I have arranged to have a great replacement. The two of us have fished the Naches together for the last twenty years. Chris is a fun low key guy to spend the day with and a fine angler. Like myself he won't waste your time and money if conditions aren't decent.

Back from the Dead. Fishing on the Yakima sucks till about 8:00 PM. Late caddis action, no mater what the pimps say, it is just a really long day in a small boat. It's 103 this afternoon, and the psycho's are floating the river in amazing numbers.Drinking cheap beer and yelling, seems like a blue ribbon stream to me.If you missed the spring fishing, it really was fantastic. Tough titty....Little Kitty.

The upper Yakima is fishing fantastic!!!!

Rain, Wind, Its still cool over here and it's JUNE!!!! Where is Big AlGORE when you need him. I guess he and Tipper are splitting the sheets, good for her is all I can say..... about that.

Great hatches this PM, warm but we had some rain. PMD's, BWO's Mahogany Duns,Water is in good shape.

Back from Baja. Rooster fishing was poor, but the R&R was fab. Yakima is still high from the rains but the cooler weather will have it in shape by early next week...my best guess.

PMD's Fantastic fishing for a couple hours. My favorite hatch, like little yellow sailboats.

WINDY and miserable conditions, but this too will pass.


Wind to 30mph next three days.

We have had a great early spring as far as river conditions go, but she is pretty dirty today. We should be back in business soon. Supposed to be a windy bugger the next few days, I rescheduled a couple trips to early May.

It is nasty here. WINDY and COLD and I suspect the trout are spawning, seems they do it about the same time each year. How about that!!!! It's like a nature thing.

Great companions, homemade Cabernet, rising trout, that about covers a perfect day on the water.

Conditions could not be better, fishing dries and nymphs is El Supremo.

It is cooling down at night and the Yakima water temp is dropping. Not good for Skwalla activity but it is still early and at least the river is in great shape instead of a flooded brown mess. I'm going total positivity.

Skwalla dries

Great fishing, beautiful weather, what a difference from last spring.

Valentines Day, got out for a couple hours on the nymph rig, a little slow but good to get some air. River looks good, spring is on the way. It's all good.

Let the Skwalla pimping begin. Remember the 6000cfs Club? Bring the Discounters. We are a month away on but the no-snow is looking favorable for a great spring on the Yakima. Hatches and everything.

Thanks to all our loyal Hill's Discount Flies customers for a fun time at the Sportsman's Show. We moved a ton of fantastic show specials and made a lot of new friends. This would be the time to start getting some fishing dates together, I have a feeling this is going to be a dynamite spring on the Yakima.

Chris and I will be manning the Hill's Discount Flies booth at the Washington Sportsman's show starting Jan. 27th at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup. We are going to have some super show specials, come by and load up for a new season.

Merry Christmas and stay safe.

Wonderful afternoon fishing Mahogany duns with the sun on my back. Thanks to all for another season.

Another great afternoon of BWO fishing.....come on over this weekend.

We actually had a calm, overcast day and a decent BWO hatch yesterday afternoon.....It was old timey. Wading around the flats casting to rising trout, excellent.

If your coming to fish the Yakima, this is the time. Conditions don't get much better in this life.

Ok, I know I've been absent for another couple weeks but Liz and I took a trip to the Southeast, ya-all. Great time, Savanna, Charleston, Mt. Vernon etc. Went Redfishing out of Charleston, that is a kick. Anyway, back on the job, the river is primo, I'm thinking BWO's this afternoon....

Back from Montana, fished the Madison, Gallatin,Beaverhead and Big Hole. You forget how much great water there is to fish. The Yakima should be warming up for some dry fishing fun.

The Yakima is coming back into focus, starting to look like trout stream once again. Water levels are about half summer flows, give it a couple weeks and we could have some great dry fishing. Pray for a cool damp fall.

Much cooler water/air temps predicted for the week, fall fishing is on the way.

Temp at 100 in Yakima. Water temps on the Yakima are TOO HOT to be taking any stupid photo's. If you must fish in these conditions leave the 3wt at home, just land the trout quickly and release. Better still cut the hooks off your Terrestrial patterns, you get to see the take and MR. Trout gets to live. That's some Polar Bear hugging advice, you may understand.

Looks like the heat spell has broken, cooling with a chance of rain showers, good time to get on the River.

It's a rather warm 104 this afternoon in the Yakima sunshine. Puerto Limon Costa Rica is 87 with T-storms, 30%chance of precipitation and cold Imperial in a cooler on the porch. Paradise ???

Big weekend on the Yakima, hundreds of drinking fighting slobs with acres of tattoos will be having a big time on the River. And that's just the women. Come on over and join the fun and enjoy the pristine Blue Ribbon experience.

July in Yakima, HOT,HOT,HOT.

Back from the St. Joe, fishing was really good and what an amazing venue. Temps in Yakima around 100 by Thursday , that is LONG HOT day in a boat.

Hot,Hot,Hot. Fished both the Yakima and Naches in the last couple days, conditions continue to improve. Lots of river traffic on the Yakima. I'm off to Idaho next week for a little cutthroat fun.

Pretty good evening Fishing on the Yakima, not much wind. The Tubeers were moving in for a weekend of dirty love. God bless them and there skanky ways.

Michel Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and our old pal David Carradine all gone the last few weeks. Fishing is simple living is hard.

Yakima is looking remarkably decent. Friends tell me that Rock Creek will be fantastic by early next week.I really need to stay close to the homestead, but you might think about it!!

Liz and I have been in Paris the last couple weeks, I see driving home through the Canyon the water is back to summer irrigation levels. 4200 cfs. Soon we can expect the inner tubers/ drunken scum on the river. Except for the big city French Attitude, Paris is always fun.

Yakima is at 6425cfs this afternoon, water temp 51.5. I won't waste my clients good money in conditions this poor. Fished the Deschutes a couple of days late last week....SWEET. Imagine casting huge flies to hungry fish in clear water. Not easy wading/hiking but worth the effort. Yakima should be fishing by August.

Memorial Day,remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. Let's not take those fallen G.I's or Freedom for granted.

Yakima is again El Dumpo Grande, dirty and high, just the way we like her. To top it off the canyon was closed for some kind of bicycle race, you got to love those rubber pants and plastic hats.

Conditions remain difficult, this morning the Yakima is at 4293 with water temp at 45.1 at 9:00. This weekend is predicted to reach the 80's, goodbye and blown out yet again.

WOW the Ditch is at 4200cfs, perfect summer flows, but this ain't summer. Get a grip the Yakima is out till October or fishing is fantastic depending on how bad you need the money. ciao

Canyon water conditions are UGLY, and today we are expecting a 25 to 30mph breeze as they say in the weather game.

Back from the Bitteroot, excellent conditions we hit the last of the Skwala's and great March brown hatch. The river traffic was light which was a bit of a surprise, great trip. The Yakima is a mess again with the runoff about to go ballistic.

I'm headed to Montana to fish the Bitteroot for a few days, I've had enough misery on the Yakima this spring. Ciao

It's snowing in Yakima this morning, but fear not AlGore it is supposed to be 80 by Monday. Then you'll see some serious runoff.

Yakima is blown. That's the price for a couple of warm days.

Beauty day on the river, warm, sunny. Fishing has been tough.

Notes from the Edge; It's snowing in YakaVegas this morning. Yakima water temp 40 degrees. I can't take much more AlGore global warming.

Beautiful early spring day on the water. Got my old pal Jim Hill(discount Flies) in the boat for some Skwalla action, great fun. And Jimmy thanks for the hot wings...to die for.

Weather not looking too good through Wednesday; high winds.

Happy St. Patty's Day. I have some of the Irish blood. I spent a week in Galway once and had a lovely time. If your fixin' on fishing the Skwalla hatch I'd be on the water next week.

Nice afternoon on the water ; fishing....slow to dead. Still too early, although we did actually see one adult Skwalla. The water is in great shape, It will happen.

Well Global warming fans it was 13 degrees this AM and the water temp on the Yakima a balmy 34.

Windy, cold, nasty, you missed nothing. Every year the Skwalla pimping begins by mid February, It's like global warming, are you going to believe everything you hear. When the water temp hits 48-50 it will be time, grasshopper.

El-Fabo day, caught 163 trout on Skwalla dries, nymphing was great. You believe that? I have a deal for you.

We had a blast at the Bellevue show last weekend, we were the guys next to "Girls of Fly-Fishing", Hills Discount Flies thanks you all. It is amazing how many loyal customers we have. We will be in Portland this weekend, selling flies and telling lies, come see us, ya hear.

River looks OK, still pretty high and cold,Calypso I will be working the Hills Discount Flies booth at the Fly Fishing Show at Meydenbauer Center, should be fun, come on by and tell us your story.

Yakima is at 17,500cfs, the outhouses at Big Pines are underwater.

Yo, Happy New Year you Bad Boys.

Since the River is iced up I have turned to smoking up some pork butt and turkey legs, kind of a Cajun spicy rub and finish with a smoky semi-sweet mop. Were livin' now.

Another gorgeous afternoon on the Yakima, almost balmy. This weekend is going to be nasty, wind ,snow and frozen guides.Probably time stay home and work on the marriage...or not.

Probably my favorite time of year to fish the Yakima. Beautiful sunny day, gin clear water and nobody around. Fishing was good not much size but the numbers were OK, lots of fat White fish, fun afternoon.

Well it looks like another season is in the books, I want to thank all my clients for there generosity, and for giving me some big fun. Stay out of the Market and we'll see you on the flip side.

Perfect conditions ? Yes. What happened to the big Bow's? We had a tiny BWO hatch and caught nothing but 10 to 12 inch fish. After fishing the Yakima for 30 years this lack of decent fish is starting to worry me. Maybe a bit too much pressure??? Ya think!!

Finally the conditions for BWO's is perfect; drizzle with no wind. River is low and clear.I'll be leaving the house in twenty minutes. My GLX is around here somewhere. Hasta la Vista.

Chris and Derek, What can I say?? Thanks again for a fun day on the water.

Back from Costa Rica, we jumped 42 tarpon in about 40 hours of fishing. Amazing silver rockets. The fishing is non technical but the speed and violence of a Tarpon take is like watching a multiple car wreck play out in your living room. It is always fun to be a stranger in a strange land.

Great trout fishing. Three over twenty. Leaving for Costa Rica in the morning, back on the 20th . Late Yakima fishing can be the best. How about that Stock market? What ever happened to term limits???

Blown off. Nasty. At least O.J Simpson is finally going up the River. I'm lovin' it.

High overcast all day without wind. Bow's were hungry. We had a little dry action thrown in but it is still a bit early for the BWO festival.

A rare day of perfect conditions, great clients and cooperating rainbow trout.

The Yakima is looking like a trout stream again, fall fishing should be great fun.

There is a nip in the air and the Yakima is coming down, I see BWO fishing in your future. Now that is some big fun.

Labor day is next Monday. What happened? Another summer shot. I have only 18 days left on my fishing calender for 2008. If you want a day with old Randal we need to get it in the book. Fall really is the best time on the Yakima.

What can I say, the Yakima is an irrigation ditch filled with hundreds of drunken slobs. Sound like a destination fly fishing mecca to you? Fall is coming but not soon enough.


Hot, hight water , bikini hatch... I love the Yakima in summer. Now that the Naches has been pimped out. Please take care with the resource, the water is warming and dropping. These fish don't need a photo.
Lets grow up.

The Yakima: Unbearably hot, water is high and colored , about an hour's fishing very late in the evening. The Naches is fishing quite well, I guess that is the good news.

Back from the St. Joe, drove back through the Canyon Sunday. The river looks high and there were only a few hundred recreational floaters drinking beer in the heat. What a change from the pristine waters of the Joe.

Yakima fished really fantastic
yesterday. Big boys on dries very late.SWEET BABY.

Good day fishing under the bobber, not much surface activity, we were blown off late. River is in good shape.

Huge PMD event from 1 to 3. Breezy and sunny not much surface activity. Had some action with the nymphs.

I have been in Honolulu for a while, It was great as usual....Paradise in fact. I highly recommend it.

Going, going, gone....

Please see previous report.

Fishing would have to improve to be lousy. No real hatch of anything, water is dirty. BUT it's going to warm up to 80 by mid week, so the river will be blown out for a couple weeks. Is that negative? It has been a cold nasty spring so far; where is Algore when you need him.

Yakima is rising fast and dirty, stay tuned.

Things are looking better on the Yakima, water is in good shape and the trout are done spawning, and it is warming up. I would like to think we have a good early caddis hatch coming up. Or even PMD's

Best Skwalla fishing this year, good numbers and excellent size. We had some BWO action but they were looking for the meat.

If you hear the Skwalla's are all done, I'm hear to tell you I think were just getting started. Great afternoon of big bug action, and tons of naturals on the water. I'm lovin it!!

Breezy, rain and chilly. We had some BWO action but really caught some nice Bow's on Skwalla patterns late in the day. River is Still in good shape.

Finally getting some warmer temps, I'm thinking by mid week on we will be getting some good to great fishing. Probably time for us to get serious.

It's snowing right now in Yaka-Vegas with windy conditions predicted for today and Sat. My apricot tree is not looking so happy. It's supposed to warm up a bit next week.

Yakima is still in beautiful shape, the Skwalla dry fishing is warming up.

We had a pretty decent afternoon fishing Skwalla dries, river is in good shape. You probably heard that Big Pines is being plowed up for 40 RV sites. It is a little sad to see all the development in the Canyon but that's life.

Beauty day on the old Yakima, sunny, still and water was gin clear. Fishing however was a bit slow. Water temp needs to move up a little, were getting there.

Chris and I took off fishing this afternoon instead of tearing into his kitchen re-model, just seemed like the right thing. River is looking good.

Yakima is in great condition! Nymph fishing was steady but we had to try the dries. We were a little early but did get some fishy interest.

Got on the water for a few hours of nymphing, a bit slow but felt good to get out. Skwalla nymphs are crowding the banks, lets hope for a long cool spring.

I am really tired of winter, bought a new GLX last month,still a virgin. Weather is starting to warm a bit, with all the snow up high we are in for another dicey spring on the Yakima.

Still a bit icy here in Yaka-Vegas. I will be at the Bellevue Fly Fishing show on Saturday Feb.2 working the Hills Discount Flies booth. Come on by and bring some jokes.

The lower Canyon is iced up. Stay home and work on that relationship thing.

Not much action this afternoon. We were looking for some midge fishing but not yet, some winters it really doesn't happen. Spring is just around the corner, keep the faith.

One of those winter days you dream of in the heat of summer. Perfect conditions, sun on your back and some playful rainbow trout.

It's really cold over hear, bring a sot of booze and some firewood.

Perfect weather, Yakima is low and clear the Bow's were looking up and I had easy clients. Excellent way to end the season. I want to thank my new and regular clients for another great season in the sun.

This is the time to fish the Yakima. Life really is good.

The water has fianlly dropped to around 1000cfs, Bow's were slurping BWO duns all afternoon. All in all the best day I've seen this fall, lets hope it continues.

Yakima has been kind of difficult considering the perfect conditions. Several days the BWO hatches have been light and coming off very late. It's that Mother Nature will do what she wants thing.

I took Troutbums Chris Bolm and Brandon Discountflies Hill for an afternoon drift in the rain. Perfect conditions, We had excellent numbers and Brandon landed a 22-inch buck. What a beautiful fish. Fat as a pig. Conditions continue to look favorable this week.

Looks like we will be getting some fishing weather this next week. Cool,overcast ,drizzle. The dry fishing should be fantastic or at the least productive. Over and out.

Yakima is in great fall fishing shape, Bill and Mike had two hours of bliss fishing Mayflies over rising fish, we did get blown off late but those are the breaks of the game. Sunday I have Getta the beautiful and often volitile Romanian accountant flying in from Atlanta for some fishing fun. It will be good to see her again.

A rare day of perfect Mayfly conditions, drizzle, overcast and no wind. Fishing was not red hot but steady all day with nymphs and dries, probably twenty-five to the net. And only one Whitey. Sweet

Back from Idaho fishing with the lunatic fringe. Driving back through the Canyon; Yakima is looking great, water is down and vis is good and next week we are looking at overcast/drizzle. It's time to go fishing.

The Yakima is coming down nicely, were almost back to some great trout fishing conditions. It takes the fish a while to get back in the groove after the water level is dropped in the fall, this is when the chance for the water temp to spike happens so lets be carfull handling our fishy friends.

As my regulars know I take August off; Too hot, windy and too crowded with drunken bums and that hopper thing "tight to the bank" only goes so far. But dispare not ,fall is coming. By the 20th of September we may have a trout stream to fish in once again, see you then.

Wednesday was one of those perfect wind free summer evenings. Hoppers tight to the grass produced some terrific takes but we best on droppers tied short to the big bugs. Whamm, I'm lovin' it.

Yakima is really high and fishing is just OK, some action on Hoppers/stones late, wind is iffy at best,air temps this week in the mid ninties. Lots of drunken slobs floating the river, yelling drunken slob lingo. This is my least favorite time on the Yakima. The Naches has been good to me this month but by the first week in August we will need to cool it down for the season; we just want to exersize the trout not kill them.

I'm back from Idaho, good fishing and great chow. Had some scotch with Chief Holland USNR, fine old man.Yakima is up to summer flows, late evening is your best bet, stimmies and hoppers with caddis at dark.Naches is down to 600cfs, watch out for the snakes. It is really hot here, stinky hot.

The Yakima is still in great shape, the flows have started to rise a bit but she still looks good. We found some pigs late taking caddis emergers, tough fishing in that light but rewarding. Some clowns broke into my truck at Roza, but I guess my stinky old fishing gear was not that exciting, that is just the reality of fishing the Yakima. Good luck to Rolf on his pending marriage.

Perfect water conditions on the Yakima, lots of mayflies but the wind started howling like the dogs of hell. misery from the No Pimp Zone.

Yakima is perfect. Today the nymphing was the ticket.The late caddis did'nt really happen for us, but that is life in the No Pimp Zone.

Killer evening caddis action, if you need to get out this is the week before the river goes postal again, and thats no pimping.

NO PIMP ZONE FISHING REPORT. This was a another good afternoon PMD's etc. Wind came up about 6:00 but we had some big funby then. The river is really perfect now, and thats no pimping.

You are entering the NO PIMP ZONE.... Rain, cool,PMD's,Ped's, Cahill's This was a beauty day.

The Yakima is back in focus,around 3000cfc this morning. The weather is also looking favorable for fishing through next week.

Wow it's really hot here in the yakima Valley, but fear not faithful reader Popetieo and I have the water feature and hammock up and running in the shade of the old sycamore. Martini's to follow.

Yakima is under 4000cfs, this is a good thing.

The Yakima is out once again, flows reaching 6000cfs,fishing stinks. There's no use in putting lipstick on a pig.

The River is now at summer flows,but we had a wonderful few hours with the caddis dries this evening. sweet

Fishing is turning on again on the Yakima, despite all you may have read, this has been a tough few weeks. We are hoping to get a great caddis event over the next weeks, but remember the irrigation season is just around the corner so fish now and paint the house later.

We had a nice BWO event around 2:00, River is looking great.

Yakima is in good shape. We had a lot of action with the nymph rig but the dries didn't show. What are you going to do?

Another outstanding afternoon on the yakima, both dries and subsurface. Looks like we are in for a weather change next week, cooler with some rain. BWO's? You bet!

The Yakima looks like a trout river once again.We had a great afternoon throwing dries.

Yakima is starting to come into focus, not perfect but who cares.

Once again the Yakima is blown out. An extra 2500cfs in 12 hours. lovely

The Yakima is once again blown out, stay tuned.

The Skwallo's have returned to Yaka-stronno.

Cold and windy through the weekend but the color is much better, kind of an OD green/tan.

Yakima is blown out, stay home. 4500cfs this morning.

The River is looking pretty good the vis is fine, if you want to wet your line, I'll be in Walla Walla drinking wine and eating pork rind's. WOW it has been a long winter.

Yakima is dirty but the flow is coming down. We had a great time at the FFishing show this weekend, nice to see so many old customers. Skwala season is coming fast, lets hope the conditions are in our favor this year.

I will be working the Hill's Discount flies booth at the Fly Fishing show in Bellevue starting Friday the 9th. Come on down and check out our amazing deals, don't forget the jokes and cigars.

Skunked, It's too cold. We need some sunshine, I'm starting to get that winter cut-my-throat thing. What happened to global warming?

Yakima is fishing again, water is gin clear and the fish are biting. We nymphed up a couple dozen this aftenoon, some Whities, all satisfying.

The Yakima is a dirty sludgy mess, so what else is new? I'll be in San Mateo next week working the Hill's Discount Flies booth at the Sportsmans Show Nothing like a winter road trip. We will be in Bellevue next month at the Fly Fishing show.

Merry Christmas lads.

Cold but satisfing.

Water temp 33.5 air temp 35 Winter trout fishing... priceless.

So I leave on a road trip and the Yakima is late fall perfection. Ten days later a mud hole but buck up, I say by next Friday were back in bidness.It's been a tough year for fishing conditions on the old Yakima. I want to thank my loyal band of troutbums for another fine season on the water.

A perfect day.

The river has dropped below 900cfs and the water is finally clearing nicley. The light nymphing has been great producing some fat rainbow's and whiteies. We have had some good dry action in spots but a little overcast would go along way.

Another fine afternoon fishing the BWO's. River has dropped a bit, conditions are perfect. Now is the time.

We are finally having the Fall cool down, Sunday afternoon it rained hard and we had a massive BWO event. Classic dry fishing, you forget how easy it can get when all the conditions fall into place.

So here's the deal. The river is fishing well subsurface but the dry action is pretty spotty.Why? ITS JUST TOO NICE. Air temp is mid 80's and it is bright and clear. Supposed to stay this way through the weekend but maybe some weather on Monday.

Just back from Idaho cutthroat fishing on the St.Joe, what a beauty river. The Yakima is dropping like a rock and looks like a river once again. We will be in the BWO business very soon.

Troutbums Chris and Linn had a nice evening of twenty rainbows, I on the other hand rowed the boat and gave advice. Nice night, put the boat in at 7:00 home in bed by 10:00. All is well.

Hot, Hot,Hot Think late September,October fishing.

It has finally cooled down, nice change for both the fish and fishermen.

Papeatieo and I sat in the shade of the cottenwood watching the heat rise over the river as the beautiful native girls swam in the pool below, toasting our fortune with a cold San Miguel.

Great day on the Naches and Yakima.

Summer fishing is here. Big bugs late or early and a long lunch in the shade. Not so bad.

Very large fish late in the day, tight to the banks.Guys I will be in Idaho for the next eight days, the Naches should be fishing by the 15th. I'll be there for you.

Finally a perfect evening of dry fly action. Caddis and stonefly patterns tight to the bank.

Looks like the Yakima is once again fishing. Summer flows but decent vis. we'll take it!

Yakima/Naches Rivers are blown out once again, stay home, drink wine, nap, take your wife out for Chinese.

The good news is that the Yakima is down to 2300 cfs and the Nymph fishing has been productive. The bad news is thw wind came up everyday this week late wreaking any evening caddis action. If you want to get on the River before irragation season now is the time.

Yakima is in great shape, color was back to a nice green. Nymphing was again the way to find the big fish. We did find a few pods of rising fish to take PMD's, finished out the day with big stonefly dries.

Nymphing was very productive we hooked number of Big Boys, also had some decent Caddis dry action after the light came off. Water color is still off but the fish don't care.

The Yakima is slowly coming down and clearing. Check the weather report for wind in the next few days.

Save your gas the Yakima is blown out. Approching 6000 cfs this morning.I'm running out of honey do's.

Saturday was perfection, Caddis, warm ,zero wind what else do you need to know. Temps are going to the 90's next week, I'm guessing the river will be shot to hell....again.

Caddis, PMD's Looks like were fishing again.

Yakima is looking better, clarity is still not great but is clearing.

Lower Yakima is a nasty brown swill, warmer weather and Wilson Creek.

yakima is clearing a bit. Nice sage green color, may have a window by mid week.

Yakima is really a mess. High and Dirty. This would be a good time to work on the marriage thing some dinning/dancing yadda,yadda.

Yakima is still dirty in the Canyon. It is clearing somewhat and we have had BWO action. I'm taking my old pal Jimmy Hill out friday for some R&R.

A wade little fishing this afternoon. It was very productive......Skwalla dries. SWEET

Yakima fished pretty well last Sat.Sun. water is up and the color is a bit darker. I actually prefer these conditons as it gives us more places to fish. We had BWO's and Skwalla's all afternoon Sunday.

Lower Yakima is a nasty brown swill, warmer weather and Wilson creek put altogether it spells Stay Home.

Troutbums Mark and Chris got out with me for a little Busmans holiday. Nice afternoon lots of comedy. Yes we did catch some fish, but nobody really cared. Great guys, great fun.

Windy, windy, windy still we caught some beauties on Skwalla dries. Tough fishing!

Cool and wet, BWO's and Skwalla action

Skwalla dries are picking up, we have a lot of cold weather and that and the water temps are retarding the hatch. the best is still ahead.

Yakima is in great shape, low and clear. Skwalla nymphs are moving.

Another great day fishing Skwalla nymphs.

Yakima is in great shape, sunny and warm. The water temp is still a bit cold and the nymph fishing a little slow. A couple weeks will make a big differance....Skwalla dries are just around the corner.

The Yakima is in great shape again. A beautiful winter day of nymph fishing, sunny, warm and no wind.

Yakima is blown out, time to work on that marriage thing. Dinner/dancing you know the drill.

The Yakima is is nice winter fishing shape, Small nymphs in the slack water has been productive for Bow's and Whities.

River is clearing, a couple feet of vis. Old randal caught himself a 10 lb Steelhead this afternoon in a snowfall while nymphing for rainbows. What a way to end 2005.SWEET BABY

Stay home, the river is iced up.

Productive fishing Friday , Saturday, Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00. We tried a half a dozen favorite spots the nymphing was great. Next week is going to be very cold.

Beautiful winter afternoon for some shallow nymph fishing. Small beadheads, soft hackles and tiny egg patterns in the slack water.

Chris and I spent another afternoon on the river Midging. Not great but a few troutskies gave us the tingle. Its overcast and cold. I know, I know I have to update the Troutbums page, soon...its why they call us bums. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Another season is in the books, I want to thank all my clients for a great year. We had some big fun.

It took a while but fall is here. Rain and wind. Kind of a nice change.

Sunny and warm, Bwo's from 1:00 till 3:00. River is super low and clear and the trout are spooky, nymph fishing is still very good. There is a rumor we might actually get some cloud cover next week.

Bwo's from 12:00 to 3:30. Sun on your back. Perfect

WE Finally have some overcast and rain in the desert, SWEET! Fishing has been steady but should pick up on the dries ,Its been a beauty fall but I'm looking forward to some BWO action.

Too bright, Too warm, no dry action yet. Nymphing is pretty good but is that what we have been dreaming of????

Back from the Clark Fork/St.Joe, fishing was great. The CF has a ton of piggy trout the water is interesting to say the least. The St.Joe is well... the St.Joe. Ate and drank too much but thats what a troutbum vacation is all about.

We took an afternoon drift yesterday to get the boat wet and see how the trout were looking after the long hot spell. Fishing was quite good in the size dept. Chris relesed a couple of porkers just under 20 and another half dozen around 17. Hoppers, stonfly's and caddis late. The Labor Day weekend will be a zoo once again, we have some serious garbage to pick up this fall. Explain to me again why Washington doesn't have a bottle bill?????

The hot air had finally blown out of the valley, cool nights. Sept/Oct fishing is around the corner.I'll be fishing in Idaho/Montana the week after Labor Day after that I'll be here for you.

The Dog days of summer continue, 98 today and Sunday.Time to work on your Tying, September is just around the corner.

We had the troutbums over for Papitieo's birthday. Toasted the fishing to come with ice cold San Miguel and Cajun BBQ, well into the evening.

Its stinky hot here in Paradise. Water temp is in the danger zone for our fishy pals. Lets give it a rest till it cools down. Should be another big weekend for the Melonomaville crowd floating the Canyon, actually that doesn't sound bad.

We had that rare windless evening on the Yakima Tuesday and fishing was very productive. Fishing hoppers/stonefly patterns the trout were really subtle in there takes. Great fun to see a big fish come out of a couple feet of water, slowly.

Back from the cool cedar forests of Idaho, I love that cutthroat fishing. Floated the Yakima last night for a few hours, we caught four nice bows on peacock stimulators. Wind blew like a cyclone; welcome back to summer on the Yak.

The Yakima is looking like an irragation ditch, its high and fast with plenty of recreational floaters drinking Bud Light and camping in the dirt. Weather is trending to summer temps in the 90's and the wind is howling most days. I'm headed to Idaho.

We have been busy fishing our other river the last couple weeks. The Yakima is about 2600 this morning and I suspect fishing very well, if the wind stays down.

The Yakima is in beautiful shape, we fished big dries on the move with limited results but the wind was howling. Still a nice way to waste an afternoon.

The Naches opens tomorrow.

A perfect spring day for fishing, overcast, cool,and no wind. We had a terrific hatch of PMD's, BWO's and other assorted bugs. Lots of big fish taking dries for three hours, wonderfull.

Big rain.....PMD's,BWO's. With this cool weather I think the big Caddis events are still ahead. Nymphing has been terrific!!!

Its been raining in the desert the last week, fishing has been very productive both dries and sub-surface. The water clarity is ugly but the trout are finding the nymphs. We had some great PMD and BWO hatch's between the thunderstorms....sweet.

We had some surface activity early in the day then....zip nothing, no bugs. Perfect conditions. Thats the bad news but the nymph fishing produced a number of big trout. Great fun.

Mark and I got out in the boat a few hours. Beauty day. We had a mixed grill of bugs, trout taking both PMD's and Caddis.

Beautifull PMD's popping up in the flats.....too sweet.

In my next life I want to be a weatherman. There is no down side when your wrong. They say "so who can predict the weather". Anyway we had Caddis around 1:00, PMD's at 2:00 till 3:30 and BWO's late. Lots of big fish in the flats. The wind came up around 2:00 making the casting miserable.

PMD's 2:00 till 3:30.......sweet. River is back in shape water temp around 60. All good

Finally had a day with perfect condions. Overcast,drizzle, and no wind. Heavy BWO hatch from 2:00 till 3:45. Big bow's eating like there was no tomorrow.

A little overcast a little rain provided a target rich environment, not always easy but satisfing.

We fished one flat, first March Browns next Bwo's and Bwo emergers next Marchies and Bwo emergers. First day in a week without wind. Springtime

Just catching up on this report for last week, the BWO fishing ranged from sweet to very tough. We had some breezy days which does't help the cause, but all in all a high satisfaction value. Its fun just to see big fat bow's lounging around in a foot of water, all backs and snouts.

Blue wing heaven. We fished one flat till we were beat. fantastic fishing. The river is prime.

Yesterday was the other side of the coin from Friday: cool with rain all day. Beautifull. Perfect BWO weather but again we caught our best fish on Skwalla dries in the rain. Those takes are sweet baby, SWEET.

Mark and I took a short drift on another bright sunny day, we saw some BWO fish activity but stayed with the Skwalla dries. There will be plenty of time for the little bugs later this spring. Oh yeah fishing was just short of fantastic.

Troutbums took a chance on the crowds, Skwalla dries produced yet again, try fishing the deeper water away from the banks. Lots of boats trading paint and position, kind of NASCAR thing.

Another day of great Skwalla fishing with some BWO activity.

Fishing was great the last couple days/weeks but I fear we are heading for the spauning slow down. Its the old delema sex or food what's your choice?

The weather and River are in beautiful shape, short sleeve's all day. Fishing is a little different each day but by mid afternoon the Skawlla dries are working. The river took a pounding this weekend, lots of fishermen trying out their Christmas toys.

Excellent afternoon of fishing, nymphing was hot and we had a good number of takes on the dry Skwalla. Water temp was up to 43 and we have some drizzle this morning, all good.

We have been out quite a few times in last week looking for some Skwalla surface action and today we did catch four nice fish on top. The problem continues to be water temps due to the very cold clear nights. The river is very low and amazingly clear, its supposed to warm up and maybe some rain next week.

Another beauty winter afternoon, sun on your back and the river is perfect.

Beautiful afternoon on the water, river is in great shape, super clear. We fished Skwalla dries a bit but its still a little early. Stay tuned.

Yakima is fishing well, water temp. 43 degrees. Dry skwalla fishing soon.

The river is iced up, Papieto and I have been tying some spring bugs and drinking San Miguel by the fire.

Shallow water nymphing, small flies in the slack water have produced some beauties, midges coming soon.Shallow water nymphing, small flies in the slack water have produced some beauties, midges coming soon.

If you've been waiting for BWO fishing conditions are perfect, cool and overcast. The Bow's are bulking up.

Small dries, small nymphs big hungry trout,not easy fishing but so satisfing. October will be

Fishing has been wonderful, big bugs and the river is in great condition. Still plenty of water for the big fish to be lounging along the banks. Water temp is way down and the trout are looking up.

It's stinky hot here in paradise, too hot to be out fishing all day. Fall is coming, cooler days better fishing.

Fishing is picking up a bit on the Yakima and has been good after the light comes off the water, big bugs with various droppers and caddis patterns close to the banks is the ticket

Let the Skwalla pimping begin!!!! Remember the 6000 Club?? And bring on the Discounters. We are still a month away on the Yakima, but the no-snow pack is looking favorable for a great spring, like with hatches and everything. Amazing

Old Hillary in a bus named Scooby.....definition of a buffoon.

The Final Four. Who gives a shit.

Rain, Rain, Rain. Too much late winter snow. We are under a flood watch, just see how bad it gets.

So I drive 850 miles round trip to the St. Joe and my best cutt was 17 inches, last Sunday I walked into the Naches and had a 22 inch cutthroat monster detonate on my Brown bomber. That is what they call irony.

Beautiful afternoon in early spring. Got my old pal Jim Hill(Discount Flies) in the boat for some Skwalla action, great time, and Jimmy thanks for bringing the hot wings.

Good day nymph fishing. Blown off late evening. River is in good shape.

Saturday afternoon was perfection on the Yakima, warm and zero wind, caddis event was great. But it looks like this next week the temps are going to the 90's so most likley the river will be shot to hell again for a week or so......tell me again why we like these big snow years?

The River looks much better, kind of a sage green instead of wet dirt brown. Flows are dropping a bit.We may have a window by mid week.

Finally had a day with perfect conditions, Overcast,drizzle,and no wind. Bwo's came off at 2:00 and lasted till 3:45. Heavenly, big fat bows boiling and eating like there was no tomorrow. As good a Bwo hatch as I've seen this spring.