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On The Water - 6/5/01

A rare spring day in the desert , rain. The river is up a bit but fishing nicely. PMD's , Caddis working the surface and the wind was absent, good day.

Previous Updates:

The river remains in perfect shape. The weather has cooled a bit and we found the fish sipping PMD's in the afternoon. Nice day.


Canyon fished good today still HOT and water is warming . It was another day proving that good fishermen over come river conditions.


It was 97 in the shade. NYPMHING the deep.


Another beauty day on the Yakima. Huge Caddis hatches , PMD's , and some adult stone's in the air late. Lunch, always a favorite time on a fishing trip was delicious and shared with fine companions. Alex let me know how the fishing is in Belize and watch that rum boil thing.


When we dream of conditions, we dream of warm overcast windless days. This was such an afternoon. PMD's and BWO's in the flats, were you working again?


PMD's PMD's PMD's. The wind was miserable, we perservered over incredible odds. Caddis late. What can I say its a living.


Caddis then PMD's then BWO's , the pigs were snouting this afternoon. These fish are really strong and healthy, the river is PRIME.


Mothers Day, shame on you. The trout will live without seeing you , how about MOM. Make dinner for her Mr. Troutbum, buy her some flowers.


Huge caddis hatches, also a few PMD's and Stonefly's. We got out of the boat and fished to a pod of rising Rainbows at dark, this was real flyfishing.


The Yakima is fishing great. The weather is cooperating . Fished Caddis all afternoon till dark,classic Yakima. Its time to come fishing.


Tough in the canyon, wind like the dogs of hell. Relentless wind, Craig and Doug hung in and caught a few but it was all down hill after lunch.


Conditions are great. Caddis are really getting busy, some stonefly action. As usual nymphing produced a couple of trophy's , really a great day of laugh therapy.


The Yakima is looking great again today. Water color and levels are excellent .


The Yakima is still out of prime condition, so we drove to the Dechutes . Windy day but we caught a bunch of lovely redside trout, had a great cheese burger at the Rainbow Tavern in Maupin, back home by 10:00. yo Adrienne


This is Arbor day. Stay home and plant a tree , the Yakima is blown out . High and dirty from runoff . It happens every year. Stay calm it should be fishable by next tuesday, stay tuned.


Another gorgeous day on the river. Although lots of caddis are on the river right now the hatch seems sparse. On top with emergers or nymph with larger flies. Pmd's are starting to show earlier in the day.


Beautiful day, no waders needed, warm . Fishing a little slow in the afternoon, but the mid morning was productive on the surface. Water was a little off color, water temp. 56.


I counted 60 watercraft pounding about six miles of water at the top end of the canyon. The fishing was slow, with a grannom hatch early, very few March Browns but a whole lot of anglers.


Another beauty day , hey. Now get this we had a huge grannom hatch today at about 11:30 , the trout were worked up about : slashing, rising, slashing. Is it just me or is the river a little ahead of schedule . I think the March Browns are about done for another year.


WHAT A DAY. Beautiful and warm air temp 67, water temp in the canyon 50, water is low and clear. Its a shame you were working instead of here with us, but thats life on the long bitter grind. By the way fishing was pretty good too.


April 15 Happy Easter no fishing today


More of the same, the wind was behaving this afternoon, had a long blue wing hatch. It was over cast and the light was perfect for fishing these tiny flies.


March Brown's coming off at 1:20 to 2:30 . These are wonderful huge hatches . Water temp was 47-48 degrees. River condions are excellent, the fish are hungry.


Fishing is excellent, March Brown duns at 1:33 to 2:10 this was a beautiful day. Nymphing the seams is proving very productive.


Saturday. Yadda Yadda Yadda . Marchies, blue wings, stonefly nymphs , soft hackles. The river is in the best shape i've seen at this time of year.


You need to be in the right place with the right bug , it was another terrific March Brown hatch at 1:30 lasted till 2:30 our clients cought some beauties. To top of the afternoon we had a good showing of blue wing olives it was a bit breezy but thats springtime on the Yakima.


Heavy carpet hatch of March Browns if you could find a corner out of the wind. The water is perfect, low and very clear you can see the trout moving slowly to your fly. This is a really special time on the Yakima.


We're still fishing little brown dry stoneflies. The water temperature has warmed up a little to 47 degrees. The action was good and steady all day. Caught some nice fish on stoneflies, then switched to a stonefly nymph and small nymph trailer and caught a few more.


It was a little breezy on the water today. The water temperature was 46 degrees, and the water was a little green, but clearing. Action was a bit slow till late afternoon then the small brown stoneflies began to catch huge lunkers. We enjoyed a warm afternoon as the clients caught six fish over 18 inches on dry flies.


The river is clearing up nicely and the water temp has stablized in the canyon at a 47 deg. The canyon is seeing hatches of some Skwala or early stoneflys. It looks like the winds have started up and I suppose will be with us on and off for the next few months. The fish are beginning to respond to dry stones and will shortly be looking for BWOs.


The early spring trip down the Yakima can be lots of things. Some years it's a cold rainy ride, others it's a bright balmy run with dirty snow on the north facing banks. There are years when you find yourself delicately placing sixteen feet of leader thirty-five feet down and across, with just enough slack to drift your invisible midge over a persistent dimple. Other springs find you chuck'en and duck'en with a big stone fly nymph. Like most years, this year's inaugural drift was a mysterious blend of things. The day started out sunny and bright, but ended spitting rain. It went from shirtsleeves to Gore-Tex in a hurry. We started nymphing, changed to midges, and went back to nymphing. The conversation went from giddy through philosophical and serious and back to jovial. The fish were confused too. The river, suddenly rising from a burst of warm weather, left most or the fish puzzled and waiting. As usual for this time of year the few fish still on the prowl were huge, and we caught some beauties. Although the action was slow compared with two or three weeks ago when the water was clear and the weather cold it was great to see all the parts of the river we love but seldom walk to in the winter. In the end, the trip did what all spring trips do, carried us along. Look forward to regular updates. Give us a call if you need to sweep out some of the cobwebs.


Most of the leaves have finally dropped and the water in the Yakima is at its winter low. It got cold so quickly that the fish are lying on the bottom stunned. They have the same stupid expression on their faces that fall fisherman had when they finished retying their leaders just in time to realize that the Bluewing hatch that started ten minutes ago had just finished. Despite the fact that we have no Spanish names to accompany our weather patterns this year the Bluewings decided to take a siesta. We saw just a few decent Bluewing hatches this fall, and now that the water is hovering around forty degrees our hopes have finally been dashed. I suspect that most of you will be stowing your gear for the winter so Randal and I would like to thank you for a fine year on the river. Thanks to all the fine sports that accompanied us down the river. It was a delight for us, and we were pleased to accept your words of thanks and encouragement throughout the year. We had an outstanding number of great trips this year and are looking forward to the early spring. We'll be on the river as the weather permits so you might occasionally check the report if you are interested in a possible midge hatch. At any rate we'll see you back hear at the end of Feb. or early March. Don't forget that the gift of a trip down the Yakima River could ingratiate someone to you for a lifetime.


The fish on the Yakima are no longer in a holding pattern. This last week or two has been great. On the cooler days the flats are dimpled with noses and BWO's. On the days when no fish are showing on top they still seem eager for a properly presented small nymph somewhere in the middle of the water column. Fishing is good all day. When is the last time you found yourself standing in a riffle with a rainbow at the end of your line. Good Luck!


We saw cold weather and big snouts today. The Blue Winged Olives made their first good appearance and so did the big bows sipping in the flats. The fishing was great and we will be hoping for more of these cool overcast days. Of coarse the clear deep blue days of fall aren't too bad either. And the color in the canyon is a garish mix of reds, yellows, purples, and pale greens with ochre hills for a backdrop. We'd be glad to show you a wonderful day.


Hey, fall is here and it's time to gird up your loins and wade in the river. Sure it's slippery, sure it's swift, but the weather is ideal and the fish are amiable. Nymphs are the order of the day as the Blue Wings and small Mays are not prevalent enough to bring the fish up just yet. Big dries, Stones and Oct. Caddis are working ok but the fish have seen about all they care to see for a while unless you're on the river during a good fall or emergence. Give us a ring we'll be glad to take you to the phone booths where you can connect with the big rainbows soon to be sipping Blue Wings.


The great fall fishing is upon us. The water has dropped and is clearing up nicely. Hoppers still seem to be working, although the fish may be taking them for Stoneflies. The large bugs are out in good numbers and the fish are pretty keen on the returning females. October Caddis are active now too. We haven't seen many Beatis or Lt. Cahill Mays but a little cool weather will bring them out in a hurry. The fish are hungry, the river is in prime shape, and life is short.


Hoppers are still catching a lot of fish. It's been great fishing the last couple of weeks, so it's a great time to book a trip. Who could ask for better fishing than warm afternoons with big dry flies on the top. If the weather starts to cool, Caddis activity will give way to some good Mayfly fishing.


The fish are crazy for a smaller low profile hopper almost all day. Some of the strikes are just nudges but most are real takes. Mark Littleton probably rose 40 fish today on hoppers, a little bit of cursing going on with all the short strikes but a huge smile on his face at the end of the day. You want to make sure the fly is right on the deck, a couple of inches from the grassy banks The Caddis are still making a good showing at dark with a dark #14 sparkle pupa working great.


The fishing is in full stride now. You can fish on dry flies all day long and the action is non-stop. It's PMD's or any small may until it warms up, hoppers all afternoon and caddises all evening. We're not catching them all but the action is terrific.


The fish a really starting to get hungry now. It takes only a small hatch to get them really interested and then their right on top make'n pigs of themselves. The caddis hatches in the evenings are coming on strong sometimes they want a dry sometimes a pupa. We're having great evenings.


When is this weather ever going to ease up? Still quite a bit like it was last week not much to report except I still think the great fishing is just around the corner should the weather decide to help us out some. The caddis hatches appear to be getting a little stronger but could get much better.


The weather still hasn't let up but the river is fishing better. The hopper season is on us and large big dries can be fished all day. Nymph fishing is still good and the caddis hatches are starting to pick up. In the next couple of weeks I expect fishing to get real hot especially if the weather cooperates and cools just a little.


The fishing has been good but the weather has been hot, I mean hot. We are still picking up fish on nymphs during the day and the caddis hatches have been just ok during the evening. It's been just a little slow on the river with lots of water and really high temps.


The river is flowing along nicely, still lots of water but very fishable and the evenings are splendid. The hatches haven't been anything to brag about but the fishing is still good. We landed two fish over twenty inches yesterday in the evening on Hare's Ears. The caddis hatches are still ok and we are still seeing some little yellow sally stones. We are also seeing a few more PMDs. The stones will be starting up any time now so be ready with the large dries. Drys in the morning and evening, nymphs mid-day and right up to the evening hatch.


The river is clear and flowing at summer levels. The caddis hatches are good and the summer stones are beginning in the canyon. We are seeing some little yellow sally stones and the fish are looking for them. Drys in the morning and evening, nymphs mid-day. There are still many salmon smolt in the river and they are still bothersome, good luck keeping the wrigglers off your line.


It was a windy night last night but the water has finally dropped under 4,000 cfm's. The river is clearing up and the evening was beautiful. The caddis hatch was sparse but some very nice fish were caught with nymphs and a few with Elk Hair Caddis's on top. There are so many salmon smolt in the river right now they can be bothersome at times. Give us a call the evenings are magical right now.


The month of June has been irritatingly typical. The fiver has been up and down like a yo-yo. This last week it has been running at 6,500 cfm's so is completely unfishable. Yesterday it looked like it might be on it's way down and we will be on the river tomorrow. We will let you know how the evening caddis hatch is doing with this warm weather.


Man it rained in the desert. The temp. dropped to about 55 and the bugs loved it. They thought it was April. We had fantastic hatches of Blue Winged Olives, Pale Morning Duns, and even March Browns all afternoon. If only you could schedule such and event.


The river is still high and off color. The fishing a little slow, afternoon PMD's. Still we had a great drift down the canyon.


The river was quiet towards the end of the week. It was on the rise because of warm weather and the fishing on the upper river was slow. For those floating the upper river, the section above Cle Elum is still clogged with sweepers. The portages are difficult and it can be unsafe. Water temperatures are still in the low 50s and a few March Browns as well as other Mays are coming off throughout the day.


The Yakima is fishing at it's prime. This last week was spring fishing from heaven. The water is in great shape all the way through the system. A typical day last week gave you 8-9 hours of fishing over rising trout. Starting at about noon the small Yellow Quill and Pale Morning Duns begin, they linger almost until the huge Caddis hatch starts in the early evening. If your plans don't include a trip to the Yakima in the near future you need to change them! This is the Yakima at it's best.


We floated Ringer Road to Umtanum today. The flows have been high the last few days. The water clarity is still good, exept at the head of the canyon. Wilson creek enters here, and is carrying sediment into the river. The water temp was about 50 degrees, and the weather is cool. Fishing was slow, and we saw very few bugs on the water. We did however manage to catch a half a dozen on Pale Morning Duns and Nymphs.


The water was 52 degrees. We fished from Squaw Rock to Rosa. The weather was sunny and it stayed in the 60's all day. We caught the first 3 or 4 on Bead Head Pheasant and Hare's Ears. We switched to Pale Morning Duns at 12:30 caught lots and then fished with Blue Winged Olives's at Hardhole. On a whole one very fine day.


It was a cool day on the river. Water temperature was about 50 degrees. March Browns were sparse but Blue Wings came off at about 1:30. We caught some nice sippers. It's nice to see the river back in good shape so quickly.


The flow rates have been good lately, and we have been having good luck with March Browns in the early afternoon. Blue Winged Olives are still coming off in the late afternoon also. We floated from Umtanum to the Slab and had a good day.